Arm Knitting


by Amanda Bassetti

Arm knitting allows you to make gorgeous, chunky knits with nothing more than an hour, a few skeins of yarn and your own arms.

It's the latest technique to inspire a crafting craze, and there’s a good reason why: it lets you make beautiful, handmade projects faster than you ever thought possible!

There are 30 fun projects – including scarves, boot cuffs, throw blankets and more. Each project comes complete with clear instructions and a step-by-step format with helpful photography throughout. Quickly learn the basics and then move onto a whole range of creative arm-knitting stitches and projects. With arm knitting, you can turn a few skeins of yarn into sumptuous, stylish items to wear, share and give as treasured gifts – all without picking up a needle.

  • 30 fabulous arm knitting projects
  • Clear step-by-step instructions and beautiful photography
  • Trendy designs from the latest technique to inspire a crafting craze

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