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I'm constantly adding beautiful and colourful crochet patterns to my Pinterest board. It's like an addiction! I thought I would share a few of my favorites at the moment.

Lets start off with blankets...there is something about taking on a large project in small bite sized pieces and I think that is why I love granny square blankets. You can take a few small balls of yarn and your crochet hook with you anywhere are get a couple of squares done. If you do want something a bit different though, here are four brilliant alternatives.


The first is Lucy aka Attic24's Neat Ripple blanket. A simple design but when made well with colours that work together, this would be a very treasured blanket. I recommend using Wendy Merino DK for this one, as there is a good range of colours and is soft to work with. Lucy has become quite famous for her inspiring blog about crochet. There are many designs and helpful tutorials on there plus you get an insight into her other interests. You can find her patterns here and her blog here.

The one on the right is Sophie's Garden by Dedri Uys. I think we can all agree that this is an impressive crochet block! Many colours have been used to make this one but you could have a play with different shades of one colour. If you want to explore amazing crochet blocks or crochet animals then Dedri is for you! You can find her patterns here. For more crochet blocks see here.

The one on the left is Spice of Life Blanket by Sandra Paul. This pattern has a good use of different stitches. It's a kind of sampler really. Sandra's designs are colourful, often floral and fun. There are a wide range of blocks, mittens, and other projects for you to explore on her patterns page here.

The one on the right is Flowers in the snow by Solveig Grimstad. As well as a couple of floral designs, Solveig has some impressive geometric designs for the home that are quite brilliant. You can find all of her patterns here. For more granny square variations see here.

Of course crochet isn't just about blankets. Just to show you can crochet yourself up a stylist top too, here are three simple ideas.

The first one is Kayla Sweater by Katy Petersen. Katy has so many beautiful designs both for adults and children, plus a fab selection of accessories and items for around the home.

The middle one is Julia by Vicky Chan. Vicky's designs incorporate lace stitches with simple yet modern design. You can find all of her patterns here

The last one is Unique Lace Poncho by Lorene Haythorn Eppolite aka Cre8tion Crochet. Lorene's patterns are perfect if you are just starting out with crochet. There is a great selection of garments for both adults and children. You can find all her patterns here.

You can also find crochet books and patterns here.

I really hope that you are inspired by these projects and you all take up your hooks to make some fantastic things. If you do, I would love to see them and feature them on a later blog, so please do share. You can email me at lydia@spunshop.co.uk

If you don't yet know how to crochet, but you would like to give it a go, our crochet workshops are listed here.

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